Touch of Heart ! Crying out to Holy Spirit

I love you , I adore you . With all my inner being i praise you and give you my best offering Lord. Oh Holy Spirit i need you – Who is like you! Your truth sets me free and your strength keep me strong and when i am falling you are lifting me up – when i am so so weak you are so so strong to save me . I am thirsty more than any other time – Here , now have my heart!

Your love is enough to remove any hurt in me-

Your peace is beautiful to gain more of you –

Your hope is endless to give me a new life –


Overflow me with your secrets and known of you. I am fool enough to be down in the trap of the world- aren’t you going to fill me with your wisdom and understanding. Aren’t you going to speak to me when i am mute and voiceless – Oh Holy Spirit, you are won of this fainted heart. Touch and make it as a breeze in the morning.

The spirit of life and love – fall on me. With closed eyes and the lips of saying ‘ Holy – Holy is your name ‘  coming into your presence – sweet spirit – search me and cleanse me and make my heart a pure one. My soul rejoice in you and forever thankful for your grace and supplications. When is sundown i am grateful because you led me right where i would be – when is sunrise – I am rising in my soul – because you are the spirit of faithful promises.

There is so much distractions within and around me Lord – Aren’t you going to wipe it in the blink of eyes? Don’t you tell me have faith? I am crying out to you Lord . You are the same spirit that raised Jesus from death – Allow me to know you more . Less of me more of you.

I am not coming to grasp the healing from you only- I am coming to know you, to walk with you and have a conversation. You are my first love.

The spirit of teaching – teach me of ‘you’ – am i not your temple ? Offer me more of Christ.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh





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