Where can I start?

Hoooryyyy! I am so happy back again to write for you guys. I miss you all.


From where I can start. Let me apologise for not encouraging you for past 2 weeks. By this post you will realize I have a legitimate excuse to no being able to come here. I have a lot to say. I have been through a lot.  From my Flu to Australian plebiscite.

I am just a person walked though fire but not burned. I am just like plant be trampled on the ground. Stuck between two worlds, hanging my opinion in the balcony of my silent mind. God knows.


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We had a picnic 13 August 2017, Altogether it was a good time to cut the cake because of 2 birthdays . Hanna, daughter of our church friends turned 4 and me, which offcourse I turned older. Before Sunday 13 we had gathering of prayer and encouraging on Friday. All birthdays are wishes under lips and heart and there is hope to come true soon. In about 1 year I am turning in Jesus earthly age.

We came back home – I went work tomorrow… On Wednesday I got runny nose and coughing at work, I finished my shift and I came home with all fever , headache and trembling body. I couldn’t even walk . Arrived home – whole family got Flu! Open my red eyes with an infected body of virus. Sometime even you cannot breathe well. Anyway, I Immediately texted my boss I am not going to be in tomorrow and after tomorrow.

I am like ..


God help us!

In another hand, I got an email from our pastor to vote about same sex marriage plebiscite in Australia.

Australia passing the darkest days , these days. It will be unknown persecution to the body of Christ in Australia , not only to people of Christ , Also it will be a huge bad hit to family union , to the society , to our generation in school! If you do not know in this case , Somehow Australia government stuck to legalize same sex marriage or not and these days are the hot speech in parliament house , also Australia government spend $122 Million dollar to send a paper survey sending to home of people to vote. ( Although it is not really important, if politician can say no even Australian says yes). But I urge my fellow Australian blogger enrol and vote , do it according to your conviction in Christ , Bible clearly says how a healthy and proper relationship would be! This sickness came from darkness and can not sallow the light , But light has more power and break even it seems the darkness win. We are called to be light in the darkness world. Whatever is your circumstance now , I declare it in Jesus name , your situation , your problem , your trial , your hardship has NO power because There is NO other name except the Name of Jesus Christ. BE FREE RIGHT NOW. There is no bondage can hold you because you are child of KING of KINGS. There is no idea and opinion or philosophy is able or can separate us from your TRUTH Lord.

Oh , Lord we do not want to be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah. We do wicked things without knowing that is really not pleasing you! We bring it under love umbrella. Now dear Father look at your children in this beautiful land, have mercy and do not let us to be burnt in our wicked things. Awake us , awake your people. Were is prophet , where is your men we can turn to? It is only you God , we can come and the really answer is you. Send your angels but this time not for destroying but for rebuilding God. Where is the  brotherly love  , where is the sisterly love , where is your hand Holy Spirit?

Are you not that God led your nation Israel and crossed them from huge red sea? Are you not that God , Promised Abraham ” for the sake of ten , I will not destroy it. “. Let 10 prophet of you, Jesus arise in this nation and build it again and all these wicked things be away from your people. Till , we are waiting of your return , perhaps 10 past generations been waiting for you but still you are watching and your spirit is hovering over the earth.

I am celebrating this life.  

I know there is much more. With Faith. I know there is much more even people confused what the real love is. In our imperfectness , He is perfect. In our mix-judges heart , He is just. In our mix-light and dark world He is brighter than anything white like snow.


I will dance with all pain.

I give thanks to you Lord , Rise up , O God and defend your cause.


My food for all these days was Chicken soup and water J . So Pray for me and our family to get recovered soon J . I love you !

 3 urgency prayer :





I will write more once I get better. Do not forget to download the book. Let me drink water;)  and take a nape



Love ya More

Dariush Youkhaneh



  1. I was born in Australia,, but now live in Canada I mourn for the way our country is turning away from God’s word and will pray for our country. Well written post.

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