A Noble Girl!

Today is in my heart to encourage the young ladies. Who may feel small and not being seen by anybody. I am going to tell you some great secret about you and your heart may overflow with Joy.
Bible says : A woman of noble character who can find?

It says in continue She is worth far more than rubies. Let me before to explain and see what our thoughts will say about that – let us understand what is a noble character ?
I will start with my life. from a man prospective I am always looking for a girl of my life to be noble. There is so much in that simple word need to be said. Who is noble girl or woman? Also you can judge me with that as well! You may say where is the noble man around? But I am going to talk about a noble girl. Who is generous , humble , princess. A girl noble does not mean MUST be so beautiful to be attractive. Not at all. For me it will never be that option- However because all human sight is in their eyes – they see in the first look and judge through that. I hope I have never done that much. A noble girl has a strong character. It is interesting for me , I have never met so many girl with a strong character. What do I mean by strong? It means they strong in attitude. I don’t mean strong in muscles. Look at this what bible says :
In proverbs 31 : 17
She sets about her work vigorously;
    her arms are strong for her tasks.
But it seems point it out she is also spend a lot of energy and effort to work be done perfectly. What it is says her arms are strong, means they are strong the work or task of life be done. She is not scare or have any fear of future. Why? Because she knows and trust her God and she does what she does. Not thinking what will happen tomorrow. Where can I find a good girl ? In the house of God? In a busy street? In a club? In a school or university? Where ever we find them, you need have the noble character carry with you.
In proverbs 31 : 25 says :
She is clothed with strength and dignity;
    she can laugh at the days to come.
Are strength and dignity your part of your daily life. Do you have a great hope for the days to come. Or are you girl busying yourself with a wasteful time people. Respect all. But what are boys looking for? Is it not a noble girl? I am not saying Naïve. You should be smart but cloth yourself with a dignity attitude of love to everyone. You know what are your limitations. what is right and wrong.
Your word need to be full of wisdom and understanding. And if you are in  a negative environment you turn it to a positive and loving caring with the help of Holy Spirit. Why? Because your God is an ‘ able ‘ God. He can do impossible and so you can. Think about that what Jesus would do if this and that happen? You are full of Love and caring for people. You work hard and know how to rest in God everyday. Laziness ! there is no place for it. You girl!! always looking how to help people and give without expectation of returning. You are favourite in the eyes of God. I love it!
You are worth more than you can imagine. You are wise. Your tongue bless others by telling the truth. You are beautiful inside out. Who is the noble girl? Whom have fear of the Lord. Any man going to praise you. Because you have all the original quality of what God says in the bible. You are not a product but a beautiful creature made for Love and care.
In proverbs 31: 29 says to you:
“Many women do noble things,
    but you surpass them all.”
Yes. You are. Keep Heads Held High. You are the one made wonderfully and beautifully. Before the creation of the World God intended to made you beautiful for all humanity. So keep your spirit up and be lift up and rise and shine everyday noble girl of God. I love you because you are a noble woman of God.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh



  1. awesome Dariush to hear a man’s thoughts on the subject of a noble woman.. thanks 😃and to have insight of Godly man’s desires for a noble lady of God, is good and helpful !!

    Liked by 1 person

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