His Splendour !

Grace is an indescribable word. Life and beauty attached to unlimited source of light. God is so near than we thought and imagined. We can walk around with one touch be so near to our soul creator. For a second we can fly and reach to His unconditional love. What is love? It is a flower? It is a beauty? Love is an act, which our soul creator done for us in Jesus. Abousltly , remarkable love found in grace. Mountain , stones , rocks , waters are witness of this hashtag love!

Now me , watered in his deep. Master of minute and break, working , to create a better of  me. 


Need to seek more heaven , gazed on his splendour  of Spirit. I want to set my mind and line on what the spirit desires. Killing the flesh desires – having joy in , what he created in me – in a selfless thought. When Jesus healed that man, He looked the beauty of inside. He touched his uncompleted piece of inside and made it complete with one touch. With that, He calls me his child. That I would be amazed in his beauty and call him Abba with a closed eyes to see him clear like crystal. Yes, I make fool myself in the eyes of this world to be in the zone of his willing. Believe in it , God is with me- till to see face to face , hand to hand like a father and son walk with him.


Who dares accuse us whom God has chosen for his own?

The current pain will be swallowed in end-light. We are protected with all sorrows- Helped with all disappointments around. Because of the Spirit – The Holy one will cover our weakness with his wishes and songs and whisperings. Prayers will be lift it high- It is God who justifies , It is Him who brought life into my dry bones. It is Him who died for me . It is Him who loved me. It is Him who brought a new beginning in me. It is Him who preparing a place for me , who thought of me. I am truly amazed of his beauty who embraced my ugliness and turn it to a blossom.

Nay , in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that who loved us.

 Read Romans 8.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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