He Won’t!

God has been good to me. I do not know about you. I feel it. I see it and in everyday in my life a new blessing is prepared. In my quietest moment He has been my hero and cleanse me completely from my desire. Psalms says ” I will always look to You “.  Season in and season out , Day and night .. I am here to Praise you my God. People using different technic to keep themselves happy. There is one real God who gives you enough peace to have joy in you. There is a lot of choices out there , but with a shout I say : You are my choice Lord .

I do not hold on the light of this world but the real light in me which Jesus Christ my saviour has been given me.

Each year we are getting older , In some of us there is a hate when our birthday roll in- Time is short and we are spending where? When mind can not tackle the reality and a real love is a rare these days. Who can see and touch a real love when hatred and war flaming every one us. With all my heart, I will celebrate, and I can safely rest even may my heart beating fast still I am able to say “Hallelujah”. I will happily sitting at your right hand Jesus and tell you my all story and you count them as blessing for me, You have shown me the path to life.

Sometimes we forget how much is important a heart of gratitude. A heart of gratitude is filled with awe and kindness. What is matter these days ? Love , patience , kind , faith and hope. Which one do we need most? I am here like you ;” learning to run safely in love ” But a small voice of Holy Spirit makes me free and I say like Nehemiah ” Oh Lord, God of heaven, the great and awesome God who keeps his covenant of unfailing love with those who love him and obey his commands “.


God won’t be bother of loving you. He won’t be tired of helping you ; because his love is unfailing and unconditional.

I taste this and I am saying you as my experience shown me. He was always look after me, even may in a short time I went on my own way – He even saw me when I was in darkness. But How good he is – like lost son waiting for His son to return home. Rich or poor – all of us needs his presence. I am wondering where are you at? I pray you always be found in peace and at feet of Jesus Christ to receive forgiveness and newness. We are here to experience this love on the earth. A heavenly love that wash us over again and again. He loves you as you are. He never will be bother of loving you. Because you are created in His image. Me and you , are ; likeness of God to do what we needed to do for him.

He won’t be.



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh




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