I need solid food

Maturity is not same as getting older- But it is a life of obedience. A life of falling down and raising up. I am still drinking milk for some reason. I need solid food to grow – in my capacity – in my talking and thinking. I need to surrender my self in his mighty hand and increase my faith in all decisions. I want to pass this life of infant – I want to grab his righteousness and apply it in my life. Am I weak still? Yes I am . But I am thriving in prayer to pass the season of childish like till to  grasp of this; that , how big is my God and wear the Christlike character.

He is God of Daniel. He is the God of David . He is the God of Abraham . He is the God of Dariush. He is the God of Peter , Paul , Mark…He is the God of You. He is the only joy that you can be truly satisfied. Job, Family , house , money , all the material in life are temporarily. I am not looking for that , I  A M  LOOKING for To be HIS . I need to grow in my spiritual life- By now I need to be an expert in basic spirituality. I need to know what is good – and what is evil.  I need to distinguish between the two realms.

Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul.” -Saint Augustine 

It is not love of Money or anything in this world – It is the love that planted within you before creation of the world. It is that love that grows and flourish which everyone can see and be a blessing for others. There is a transition from milk to solid food.


Pains are part of this transition. Trials are good for our souls to learn to eat food. Let God change you inside out. In Hebrews 5 : 12-14  we read about it how we need to have this transition. from finding job or going to college or even housekeeping in any area of life I would be in – I need to be strong and not allow the shadow of doubt takes my real courage. Lonely nights can not stop the plan of God in your life- The strongest plan of the enemy is a steam that comes and goes. That exactly Paul was telling us in his letters. Wear the Full armour of God- Be a generation that next one will proud in you.  Young Men and Young women – Be an example of Christ on the earth. In your school – in your workplace , in your family.  By Slowly Slowly talking solid food you are becoming love- a real ambassador of Christ.

I learnt that to fly; you do not need to have wings necessarily- but living in AWE.

I love what Psalmist says : ” Where can I go from your Spirit ? Where can I flee from your presence ? ”

Father , I need the solid food – It is enough I was child , It was enough I was selfish on my own way. Lord , You know me and search me if anything wrong in me please take it away. Let your hands guide me – Let your Love show me who I am in you. Pure my heart again- Let me discover life in a different lenses – The lense of Love , Service and Sacrifice. Let me become  love. Forgive my enemies. Wash their feet and serve you in honest and dignity. Am I looking for a place here? never. I am looking in a place in your heart forever. Even my friends may let me down but you will never let me down- Let my heart be filled with your praise words and my mouth declare in your goodness in my life.

My dear readers thank you for reading and following my blog. I hope you are blessed in every post. I hope you are living in AWE of our living God even in hardship of this world. If you have been blessed – I need one favour from you :

” Can you please invite your friends to this blog? Would you do it? I know, you are going to bless someone by sharing this blog to your loved ones – or even someone need to be inspired now. Would you do it? ” 


Read Psalms 139

Your encourager

Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of Heads Held High




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