God Loves Us

Philip Yancey in his book ” The question that never goes away ” elaborate a big question like ” what is God up to in a world of such tragedy and pain? Where is God When It Hurts? Oh how we long for an answer to that everlasting question ? Why God? Why did you allow that tragedy happen?

We seat in silent and ask God. How that happened Father? In a blink of eyes someone is dead now! God ‘s plan is not to see how evil is growing in restless world. His plan is and was good for all the man. We are living in a sinful world. A world that people are dying for their right. Where there is no judgment. Where there is no equality. Where there is no Love. As Philip Yancy explains in ” Our Only Hope ” Chapter ” We live on a fallen planet , Anyone who doubts that should visit Japan.”

In his book  The Problem of Pain C . S Lewis wrote , ” God Whispers to us in our pleasures , speaks in our conscience , but shouts in our pains: it is megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”  I Can’t be disagree with Lewis. God is in throne. God’s desire surly is well for us. It is not pain and tragedy. They are part of the sinful world. They are not coming from a good good Father. We rejoice in our suffering because we know and believe we already have received victory in Christ. He won our hearts and now we are belong to the King of Kings. Not from this earth anymore but a citizen of heaven.  May it seems the tough questions of humanity remain unanswered only on person can answer all of them. The person of Jesus Christ. We all have those questions are buzzing around are mind sometimes. But really? Who can answer those? I found that there is no one on this earth can do- Only the One above, The Son of God.


Billy Graham in His ” Hear My Heart ” Book wrote , ” There is indeed a day of peace coming, but God is going to bring it , and it is going to be on his terms.. However , we don’t have to wait till that day comes to have peace in our own hearts. ” Peace I leave with you , my peace I give unto you,” says Jesus ( John 14: 27 ). ” I can give you a supernatural peace and security, a supernatural love and joy that you’ve never known, if you put your confidence and your faith and trust in me”. I am looking for that day to come. I am like a watchman every moment waiting to  that day comes. I do not want to fallen in this fallen world. We are mattering our world so much , putting so much attention to materials around us. We are still earthly!

But it does not matter , we heard the voice of God or not. He still loves us and calling us back home. He is pointing us toward home – a place to be with Him. Whenever we go an pray to God we feel free – Free of the world around us and in us. Knowing God and growing in faith are those element me and you need to put in action more everyday. Billy Graham wrote in another place in His ” Hear My Heart ” book ” Every one of us should have quiet time alone with God every day, Your spiritual life will never be much without it. Prayers should be filled with praise to God. with Thanksgiving for all the wonderful things he has done. Self-examination should be in your prayers as you confess shortcomings. God is interested in hearing your personal requests, no matter how small. You should seek guidance in prayer. An important thing to remember is that you should pray that God’s will be done and not your will. People make mistakes. God doesn’t. ”

As we grow in love of God. The big question will fade away – because we know the source of everything now. His got the all answers. His Got me and you as we trusting him all the way in this journey of life, though highs and lows.



Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh


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