Dear Me

Dear me , listen carefully what God is saying to you. Think what ever is pure ; right and bright and put away all your old way of thinking. See how the creator of the universe is blessing you. Look at the sun every morning rising up ( but sometimes the cloud won’t allow it ) for you. Make a decision that you are carrying your cross every day. How? By loving people intentionally. Dear me , do not hide God’s love within you. You are loved . You are braver than any lion around you.  You have not born with a lie! You have born for a purpose- a plan for the follow!  Dear me , I am not begging you to follow God’s heart – I am already in God’s heart.


Dear me , whether you want or not – I am not looking back – I got change! I got a new life in God. I am found. Not stepping down of God’s desires in my life. Please , Please remember I am not perfect – Just in the journey. Tracing Father’s foot path to eternity.  I am purifying myself with freshness of God’s spirit every moment. Piece by piece lighting up my inner being- Every cells of mine are turning red – a good one. Oh that’s true I fell down – But who said you can not rise up? You can. You are able because you are born to be strong! Let the storm come. Let the trails come. Let the strange things come because they make me more close to God.

All I take! God is my hope. God is my rock. Because I know He can turn my chaos to order! Hatred to a Love! Enemy to a friend. Dear me , Do you know who you are now? You are a Child of living God. He said ” It is done “. Throw your doubts in the seas. Walk in the freedom of His mercy. And know that you are not alone- anymore. Have heart! Joy is yours. Love you are! Light you are-  As  God says ” I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End “. Take a moment and see how blessed you are – every day of your life. 

Oh dear me, you are going to receive living water- be still , full of his presence.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh



  1. Nicely said , Dariush ! These are my favourite words:
    “Throw your doubts in the seas. Walk in the freedom of His mercy. And know that you are not alone- anymore”.
    These words really touched my heart.

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  2. Dariush, your affirmations of God’s love and presence in your world and mine are beautiful. I, too, was affirming God’s love and the importance of Jesus in my life on my blog today. Have you visiting ? Check out Day #10 of my A-Z series titled, “J = Justification, Jesus, and Justice.” I think we are bloggers who both try to affirm and uplift. This message certainly lifted me up! Thank you, Dariush. ❤

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    1. Hi Debbie, You are awesome. Thank you for reading and I am so glad that blessed you. That I meant to hear that, because it will inspire and encourage me also. Thank you. Come more as we discover the life of joy and life in Jesus name together . Peace be with you . Love and hugs in Jesus .

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