You Are Protected

I close my eyes and see my self in the hands of Angles. They are protecting me from the enemies. I look right the good army of God there for me. I look left the best army of God are there. I look behind the flood of Angles of God there for me. I look straight , He is there for me. Let the enemy come , I am protected by Him. Let the mountains come I can climb them to the victory. Let the ocean of unknown comes , I am known by Him. Empty hands – heart full of awe of Jesus. Broken of the sinful world but full of Joy of his love.

In the world but not of it- relax and enjoy the miracles of the only One in my life. I was in rush but not anymore. I am patient in His meekness. I see thousands of thousands are falling next to me – but I stay firm because He is holding me. Not anymore yoke of this world – but carrying the cross of freedom everyday. Singing a new song in my heart – one step close to his heart , to be like him- light in this darkness.


Are you thinking about your future ? His got is in hand. Are you thinking about tomorrow? His got it , just give Him thank for today and leave tomorrow to Him. Open the doors of heaven by your prayer day in and day out. Change your inner look by being like Christlike.

The best things in life are not outward things instead ; they are inward things.

One dream , One life , One God can make your heart united with him. Close your eyes and repeat this after me: ” I am beautiful , wonderful made by loving Father. My identity is in Him , His angels are protecting me , I have more then enough – his grace and forgiveness that is all I need.

Take one important step in your life and let the love of God change your heart in whatever you do. You are loved – no seriously you are ! Who is like you? no one. you are you. your smile and love are special for somebody. You don’t need others acceptances , you have been accepted by Him. Made by Him , Loved by Him , Shaped by Him. Oh, I am loving Him more – because He first loved me. You have your own protection Angel. He is standing by your side. The Spirit of the truth will set you free.

We are always loved.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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