This Christmas..

..In This Christmas I will be Strong. This Christmas I’ll be a new person. I am going to promise myself to put aside all my bad habits and attitudes away. I am going to learn to be like my Jesus.  This Christmas I am going to be one step closer to The Holy Spirit and be touched by Him. Only One touch can change me forever. He came for me- I can not believe this He accepted me when I was in my world , He came for me- God’s plan was ON , before even I was here right now.  Here < I want to know the real meaning of the Christmas and be changed by that, Somewhere in my heart shouting there is something for you, a good gift of God. I’ll challenge my self in Prayer and fasting to know his heart in this Christmas. I confess my all hidden wrongs to Him. I shut my room’s door and bended knees worshiping Him . This Christmas I am going to read Bible.

Indeed Who was Jesus came for me? Why do we celebrate his coming to our world? Is it only a old history we are repeating end of the year ? or is this only finding a reason for humanity to take rest each year by year! If Jesus was not there what would happen to hope of humanity? I really can not imagine the world without Jesus! Once we have been Lost in our world, We are found forever in his victory saved!


This Christmas I am determined to be better , my first priority would be closer to Him , Lift him up and know his heart. With a closed eyes -refreshed by His Spirit, Walk in his kingdom. I do not want to let this Go, No . I am not going to let his presence Go. I stick to it. I hold it first. I let my all insecurities , fears , the things not from you , GO.  You are the God of Impossible, make it possible for me. I pray for sick this Christmas to be healed , I pray for my families and friends and readers that their life be transformed in a away God’s name be glorified , that they can see the truth and again and again their heart be Holy and anointed in Jesus Name. This Christmas while I am waiting , I will worship and I will trust Him. Yes , I will trust him even I have no clue of my future. Yes , I will obey him even when I am weak and millions of thoughts are going to pass through my mind because I know his promises are never fall down and it will be done in my life. I do not need to understand this. I just worship Him because He is worthy of all. My life is His.

Yes , This Christmas I live by Faith. I celebrate my change , Because now I am a new person in Him. I join the community of faithful people to shout my God is great that He sent His only Son for me that He brought Joy and peace in my life. Because of Him Peace is here in my heart , Peace is here in my family , Peace is here in my town and in the streets and peace is here in our country. Because of Him Hope and life is here. We are never alone anymore. That is why He came ! IMMANUAL , God with us is here.

Is there anymore reason to be glad?


Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh




  1. 2 Corinthians 5:17 New International Version (NIV)
    17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:[a] The old has gone, the new is here!

    May each day bring us closer to Jesus. May we share Him with people we meet in the streets, stores, homes and anywhere we go. When the Holy Spirit leads us to someone He want them to see Jesus in our eyes and hear about Jesus when we speak.

    In Spanish mas means more so Merry Christ.mas

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    1. I love that Verse, NEW CREATION HAS COME.. AMEN beautifully said. Thanks for your comment. May we got MORE of Jesus in this Christ mas. Love your comment. Merry Christmas to you and your Family.

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