My heart’s words

You don’t need to be great for being humble. Accept who you are. Your identity do not come from there world. The truth is,  you are alive now. Also , the reality is , me and you living in a broken world. You can choose to be kind. You can be a better person whom not led by any wave of emotions. Your feelings not going to control your life. Standing on the truth seeks a brave heart.

Somewhere in my heart I do realise that leaning on my own understanding not going to take me anywhere. Some people will change when the time pass by. I thank God, Still I am going to house of God. I thank God because he protected me from the scheme of the enemy. Yes, I have been hit by the wind of this life. Yes , I have been cracked by this life but I thank God I always thanked Him in any circumstances. I am rich in His kingdom from sunrise to sunset from this life to another.


Sometimes , I think I am in a dream here. My whole life is a dream passing by. When I open my eyes God’s promises rain on me. The moment I open my eyes in the bed , I say : “Good morning Holy Spirit, How are you Jesus, How about you Father? ” . I have never been tired of saying those words. That makes my day beautiful enough.  Closing my eyes at night in Prayer before sleep keep me in line of to be fit spiritually and to be ready for the plan of my Father in heaven on the earth. If I truly cry, I cry at my Jesus ‘feet because I know there is a real-comfort there waiting for me. The safest place you can be! It would happen definitely sometimes going to depth of the word of God not realising how fast the time past! Need to keep in step with the Spirit fully. Devoting yourself wholly to God may it seems difficult but when we take little steps by steps it will get much easier than before. When you live in the dream you don’t live by flesh anymore but by the spirit. You don’t focus on flesh desires that much rather your focus are on heavenly unseen things. Your current situation not always be the same. It will get better and better as you walk with Him. I’ve decided when I was 13 years old. Filled with the Holy Spirit.  But do not get me wrong , I made a lot mistakes. But God knows the heart. He looks the heart as He wipes all our sins by the Blood of Lamb. You are the Only One for Father and I am honoured to deliver this message to you. It will get better.



Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

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