Fresh me


Yes , I’ve done it.

4 weeks of travel in overseas and back home. Four weeks of getting to see new places. Stepping into unknown locations were indeed a new experience. That gave me a new prospective to life. As my travel were through Europe, I was appreciated of God’s given opportunity. I crafted my mind again to look people’s life in different angle. That how they live , where they live by putting myself into their historical culture. I enjoyed with them , I clapped my hands for the weird things as I grabbed it for the experience.

Travel gives a new confidence. A new of you in another place as you left your old-self in your hometown.

I took it gently! And I injected this into my vein by thankfulness.   I found new friends during this travel. I talked with people that I’ve never met. I tasted the wine of the country. I smelled with an open armed fresh flowers as I did a cycling around country side.


I found it again , Life is so beautiful. Where ever I went there were a new beauty to be attracted! I could not miss it. I could not deny it , I just could illustrated in my heart – there – the place I would be. I am there , a place that broken heart could be mended; a place that gives you new strengths , a new calm thought, a place gives a peace.

I went into busy town as people looping into each other to find the best version of the experience.

I was stunned of small towns on the way. Their food , their culture , their streets all amazed me in a speechless level.

God prepared the way. I just stepped in it.

Thanking God for his nature , for his creation which truly stunned me! His Love is everywhere !

Here I am–

Fresh me.

Back to the daily life…



 Dariush Youkhaneh 





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