Transforming Love book review by Stormie Omartian

Love is the reason.

Indeed . Love is the reason that I am writing to you my dear friend. No one told me to do this. No one forces me to write and spend time here to inspire and encourage you. The only reason I am here because of the LOVE of God. His love melted me away and it brought me to a place of peace and strengthen.

I had never read Stormie’s book. This was my first time , Her style of writing is different with other Christian inspirational book. Truly , She experienced the love of loving God.

As she says in her website :
“My goal in life is to help others find the same freedom, healing, restoration, fulfillment, and purpose that I have found. I want them to know the wonderful life-transforming power of God’s love and all that He has for them, so they can become all He created them to be.”

In Transforming Love book you will be encouraged greatly. You learn how to love God more by knowing God’s love is for you. In her 268 book page you’ll be seeing loads of scriptures. The content of book , however is heavy and powerful. In the middle of book , I’ve paused and said to my self ” this book is thoughtful and for each sentence you need to pause and think about it “. I am not sure how is other Stomrie’s book are. I have hope and I know Stomrie’s know there is power in the words. This book is not easy reading however with a bit patient you will enjoy the result of your readying. There are heaps of powerful sentences in the book.


The last chapters of book has been excluded of those heavy content and it looks Stormie’s speaking you a bit more relax after she told you about God’s transforming love. It was a good idea adding a prayer page and list of the verses at the end of each chapter. I’ve really enjoyed to read them. Yes , there are a lot of repetitive verses in a different scenarios.

Obviously , This book is non-fiction Christian biblical base book. In each chapter you will see at least 15 bible scriptures. You feel it throughout the book Stormie truly has been touched by the Holy Spirit and She has experienced His love. She’s been hugged by his beauty. Warmly , she encountered His transforming love. She is trying to let her readers know that ‘ you can have this love too that your life can be changed forever ‘.

” But when I received the Lord , I felt His love in the Church, in the pastor’s office with my friend where I received Him, and in the believers around me. I believed God was the God of love, but I didn’t fully believe he really loved me. I sensed His love from others, but I thought of it as more an overflow from those who actually were, in fact, loved.” ( Transforming Love – page 100 )

“God Will Calm the Storms in You and in Your Life.” -Stomrie Omartian

I highly recommend this book for you , if you are walking in your faith and need to have His transforming love more in your life. I am recommending to you if you are very new to the faith. Take a step and see how God is working in people’s life by His love. One of them is Stormie Omartian. The thing is here , He already loved us. And still He loves us.

Read her biography here :

My dear friend I am here to pray for you , just leave a comment below

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Dariush Youkhaneh



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