Make a New Song

Back to months ago, I’ve just written a post with the title ‘ My song of Praise ‘  with a new song in the content :

You raise among nations

Come and fill us with your love

Walking in Your path. praising your Name

I am the one for You. Touch my heart again

Every success of mine

is Yours, I remember Your goodness 

I am here to testify it, opening my heart to Yours 

Can you hear it?

The song of praise

I truly believe every person has a song in their hearts , the moment when they enter to His kingdom. I kind of oftenly praise God with my own song of heart, And I hope you do have it. Bible says we have mind of Christ. We are children of the most High. There are millions of Angles in heaven praising God with their own heart songs. We are one step higher than Angles , although we are on the earth but our position in God’s heart is special and unique.


When you sing a song for your heavenly Dad, something will shift in your heart. The restoration will appears. The power of Almighty God will overflows in you. Have you ever sing a song to God? I mean , not repeating other people worship songs. I mean a song truly came from the depth of your heart to worship Him and to know Him more. This new song gives you hope and lift up your expectations above. It will put back your ugly past and It will shine an unbelievable future. I just sing a new song in my heart for Him. In the pain or non-pain situations. In the night or during the day.  On the way or when I run , I am in the rain or in the sun.

The most touchable moment is when you sing in your painful times. Yes, It is beautiful in God’s eyes. It might be so ugly but God honours it and take your heart song as a worship moment. God’s heart is toward us even may we do not know it.

Can you praise God for His love inside us? Can you just a moment put away all your worries away and sing a praise song to God?

If you can comment me what is your heart song for God?

I want to worship God in my heart , I want to worship God in my mind , I want to worship God loudly.


Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh




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