Is God still around?

I have prayed a prayer many many years ago : ” oh God if you are still around let not this happen” Perhaps ,He answered with a whisper of the Holy Spirit. He turned my complain to acceptance and peace and that particular time with a double blessing. When you are in a situation and do not know what to do and the cripple of fear not allowing you to make a right decision , oh please know that God is there. He is there always , all the time.
When the nation of God rescued from the Egypt, and the people of God felt God is not with them on the way and left them alone in the desert, He was still there! I don’t want to know what my feeling says about this! I am assure and trust my Lord that He is omnipotent and Has my life in Control.
The ancient people wanted to be closed to gods. That is why they made statue and brought them into their homes, they wanted to feel secure and safe. But the real God is not in Men’s made thing. We have a God who knows everything. He is name is ” I AM “. ” I AM ” is present and active and working in our life.
He knows every detail of my life , that is why I care about my God. He did not leave me by my own here, figuring out about what is the meaning of life. He is my life. Jesus Christ gave his life for me that I can be with Him forever. He forgives and loves without limit.
The God of all knowledge is still around and calling us to come home. He does not see what university you got your PHD or doctorate or what title you have , All He wants is a pure heart. He is here and bringing peace to our chaos.

I got it . I got it when trouble comes , turn my face to Him and telling :” Hey Father , Can you see it ? ” He comforts me and saying ” Yes , I can see , I am with you , I am still here ” .

I started to see more . ” Hey dear Father : Can you see this and that family trouble ? Are you with them? why did that happen ? ” God shining and says :” Yes, I see them , yes I know them , yes I am there ”

What do we do ? We continue walk with thankfulness, We continue believe what makes God smile , we continue do what is right and just , We continue live in the Spirit. until He comes with His glory.

My dear friends , Have you read my new book?
Hope in Corona Time



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