Physical and Spiritual

Yes , I took One Million total steps in 83 days. I am not saying because I boast my ability but to encourage us and be more active.

I have participated in 100 days global challenge activity , and I am so grateful to be part of it. The above result comes from walking , running , hiking , playing soccer activities.

This is so cool thing , and I am happy of this result but this is just a beginning ! Imagine that what you can do . You can start as simple as with a walking half an hour a day. Just do a math and you see the result will shock you!

When we see in Jesus time , possibly this result will be nothing to compares! Most of the time they needed to use their feet to do any activities ( except they had been using horse..) , In this century we are so comfortable, we got agenda to meet, they taught us time is gold we need to protect it and spend the time well. We wont do 20km walk to get to our schools, simply we drive or catch a public transport vehicle. That make no sense if you do walk! We got uber , taxis and bicycle 🙂 Instead of that , we do gym and do outdoor activity such as walking , running and so forth.

Our comfort level reaching to its high potential. We got a nice and comfy bed to sleep in.

Although , physical activity is very good but spiritual activity need to be practice rightly. In my blog and belief, I have no other spirit activity practice except worshiping Jesus and prayer in His Name.
So Prayer is a vital part of my life. Even in my worst day i go to prayer and even in my best day i go to prayer, Prayer in Jesus Name.
I don’t go sleep without telling Thanking God for the day and praying for the night and the day ahead. We learnt this from Jesus himself. We see a Jesus who walks every where ( except one time got a lift from a donkey 🙂 ) , whom has a potential intensive activity every day. And in another side , we see a Jesus of prayer , whom is intensive in Spiritual activity.

If you look at Jesus’ schedule, you’ll be amazed. But with all these meetings he kept his secret place and went to prayer and speak to His Father. It was more important to save people than other things to do. We have a balance here. He is very social , He appearances in the right time with the right people need his speech or touch and healing.

We can say that , If we are on God’s schedule , everything come to right place and time.

Physical activity , Spiritual activity and our social life and family , all will come to balance if we let him have control and be the centre of our life. We see both are very important physical and spiritual activities. Our soul need to hear and be fresh by the Holy Spirit and our flesh need to be on discipline.

I can do all things through him who strengthens me. Philippians 4 : 13

I want that balance , I want that Jesus be the centre that every steps I take these steps either for my physical body and spiritual body be beneficial and effective.

Oh Father , Your unending love is for us , You made this body and soul . Help me to keep this in balance. Help me be Jesus and grow me in my understanding of your things on earth. Remove my blindness , keep me active both physical ans spiritual. Thank you Jesus. Amen

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