Drink from the Living Water

Dear friend, I am so happy you are here with another post. I hope you haven’t missed me after a week or two not posting. But I am here by the grace of God to encourage our hearts once again to look forward.

It has been a crazy week! My time stole me from the moment of blogging and talking to my great friend here! But in fall and rise, my heart was here to find a little time to speak and release some of my insufficient stamina. I learnt that I am not a roman soldier to obey injustice, to put the rules above my everything! When I go further to explore my life of mine – I look and copy from butterfly, seat and fly and disappears! Like a flower here today and gone by tomorrow!
God is in the moment! God is in our doubt! God is in the wind! God is in our hearts. If we quietly confess and get up and follow the good shepherd, we will be there – right, lay down on green pastures and eyes staring at the blue sky. Oh, I dream of being there with Jesus. But now, the time is to gesture around by seeing the footpath of the master.

Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them. John 7:38 NIV

I hear the sound of the rivers. I hear the life. They are near. I walk toward them to drink the living water. It is not far; a thousand kilometres might be a few meters away if we only believe. From the very first generation to the current generation- you will find dream upon the dream, visions on visions, love and respect, patience and passion, and all the very best ingredient in the living water.
The days are passing fast! Yesterday was spring season. Our life’s documentary is forming, and the portrait of our faces is on the wall, displayed to humanity. I am thinking about that when Jesus spent most of his time in prayer. If we only know our living water makes our dreams true, we can bring heaven to our hearts by projecting his goodness and kindness right where we are. Do we believe to who? Do we trust to who? Living water will overflow from within us – if we have faith, if we have a dream, belief, and trust. You can; you have a choice to drink from the well of living water. Let’s all be there!

Your friend

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