Three Christian waiting principles you need to know

Waiting must be one of the most difficult virtues for any human being. We tend to avoid waiting at any cost. We are frequently impatient as a result of this! Jerry Bridges said it well.

“The cure for impatience with the fulfillment of God’s timetable is to believe His promises, obey His will, and leave the results to Him. So often when God’s timetable stretches into years we become discouraged and…want to give up or try to work something out on [our] own.”

Jerry Bridges


..One of the medicines for our waiting season It is a pure cure in an unbelieving world. A strong belief in God and what he has done for us will help us to pass the current challenges. It will allow the Holy Spirit to have room in our hearts. Many years of waiting will bear fruit, the fruit of the joy of heaven in you. That trust enables us to know and know that God is in control. That is why the Bible says, “All things are possible if you believe.” Even if you are logical, it is difficult to trust the God Almighty, who created heaven and earth. Then, I encourage you to take a further step and seek God to reveal himself to you.  That you can be closer to God and know what it really means to believe.

Having a belief is a basic principle of Christianity! However, as we all have different beliefs about everything, the Holy Bible puts our beliefs in the right direction. The meaning of life is not that you do a short life on earth and then go away—no, the true world is more than about being on earth. We believe and we wait for it. Our waiting season may be long or may be short! We wait for God to return with his glory.

We need God to repair our waiting system in us.

We were once broken because sin entered into a pure world created by God. We need him to overflow us with his presence so that we can receive the change. How can we do that? by Obey Him.

Another branch of help in the waiting season is obedience. We are trying hard to do it on our own terms, but God is the answer. He is going to show us what to do. He enables me and you to find our way when it seems there is no open door. I tried hard to make the decision with my limited knowledge and understanding, but trust me on this, God’s decision and understanding are much-much better than ours! Allow Him to speak to you to strengthen your obedience to Him. 

Leaving the result to God is such a hard task to do sometimes! It happened to me many times. I don’t want to let go of things that are not helpful for my soul! I’m making an atomesper as if I know what the end result will be! No, I do not know. I need to leave the outcome to Him, and we need to let God make that decision. 

We only can assume but God can assure!

Is the waiting season hard? Yes it is. Perhaps I am still in it. But I’ll try to do the three above principles and trust God gives me strength enough to honour him. So what do we do now? We enjoy life. We will be present and use whatever gift God has given us to use till the waiting season is over. Our God is God of all seasons.

A waiting season would be a harvest season when you live with God.

What other elements do you think you can add to your waiting list?

Your friend
Dariush Y



    1. Yes, it is certainly! All of us need improvement in this. Here and there still exist.

      Thanks for reading this post, your comment inspired me.

      Please continue to visit, and make it your home blog.


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