Sweet LOVE

My three posts in this blog are base on LOVE topic you can read it:

1- Love on the way

2- Unending love

3- God’s love = ∞

Why is love so important in our life.  I believe Love is everything. Because in the heart of our God is Love. You can melt the mountain by Love. Love breath into dead life and make it alive. Love is centre of your life. Love is like fountain that gives you fresh water. You feel alive. Love gives you life. Love gives other life too.

What is Love? Love is kind . Love is patient . Love is comfort. Love is confidence. Love is humble. Love honours others. It will rejoice to see others happiness. Love will delight in good and rejoice again with the truth. Love record the rights. Love is hope. Love is truth. Love makes and creates peace. Love is freedom.

It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. ( 1 Corinthians 13 : 4-8 )

This love never fails .

Are you with me? My dear friends He did all and more than these to us by Jesus.

Jesus is Love. And His love is yours.

If I have a perfect believe and do huge miracles and in everything be carful and do all right things but IF I do not have LOVE , I did nothing.

roses photos
Love is soft.

Love is everything.

When you truly Love God and go deep in Him,  you’re changed and changing others.

Love do not mind for which type you are. Love do not separate but dresses the wounds. God is Love because He is the source of Love. His love to us never be ended. And you are loved to. because you have been formed in his love. He created you by love.

I encourage you today . Put the love of father first and ahead in your life. Is there any area in your life you need add Love. I am sure will be some area so do I . Let love of God surpass all.

Love your family . Love your wife and husband . Love your mum and dad. Love your kids. Love your city . Love God and yourself and others.

Love , Love , Love.




Written By Dariush Youkhaneh





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