A Conversation! read it till end..

I believe in everlasting love. To returning of Jesus Christ. To the Holy Spirit. To almighty God who will come and wipe out forever this pain and suffering in this current world. I believe in endless hope and possibilities. Reason behind reason to love each other in sorrow and downing time on the planet. Is it by my ability? Never. Can I access to this incredible love. Yes.

Yesterday , I had great conversation with a friend. Which who his life was apart but ONE spark of Holy Spirit mended all pains in his heart. Fatigued back from work – dropped my backpack at home. My eyes was falling down- it was a half tyring day. I drove home about 2 km. Parked my card and I changed my close ready going to a Men’s even. Before, last night one the verse impacted me and thoughtfully thinking about that verse. If God is within us and God is love. Why are not we love. Then I back thinking about the original sin- because that sin – God’s love apart from us. That was not end of story. My mind overview how God sent many people to rescue- to return his people to his love. One human brought miserable to this world but One man brought joy to us forever.

Back to conversation, I arrived the place . I wore black t-shirt , a light blue jean and a nice black boot. I sprayed Dolce & Gabbana Intenso eau de perfume. I use this eau de perfume recently as it was a birthday gift. Although my fav perfume at all the time was/is Georgia Armani Acqua Di Gio . Not that spice like Dolce. But it seems I liked the new perfume – It was not bad. I arrived to Men’s event at our church. You can smells from 200mt away the foods as they have been cooking for the event.

Three fashion cars outside the yard and three motorbike inside foyer of the church. I found my self to say ‘ wow’. I entered to worship- Stayed for worship songs and praising my creator. After I took step out , as I was so hungry. There was a small shopping mall – I saw an old church-friend.

I said to him , If you like join me I am going to buy something as they are selling beef-burger ( I am allergic to red meat for your info :P). He said , yes why not – we went to an Mexican place nearby.

He bought a coffee , He said I had something and I bought a Burrito sandwich. Beautifully , deliciously wrap in chicken , red bean ….

I started to say this spring was a driest spring after 15 years in Australia. We haven’t had rain for about 4 months. My mam says always how these trees around are still green , they need water. He says : Yes that is right indeed. It is a really sunny day and at least nights are cooler. Much better at night. In my back home country people sleep at the top of the home. Their home – roof is flat not the most home here have edges.


He was saying very enthusiastically like you are there right now.

I said: Oaky, interesting. You would be coming to church long time isn’t it?

” Yes, hmmm, I am coming from 2011 ”

I knew , there will be a salvation story – something that Jesus brought them to this place. I was more listening less talking at this stage.

I said: ” You told me before you are working for a security company , are you still working there?”

” yeah , I am working , but only for the weekend , I mostly work in a supermarket now . I think it is better – although may a bit heavy lifting work , but I like it “

” That’s great man  , I am happy for you , how’s your family , all are doing well?”

He said : ” Oh yeah , we have a little 8 months old baby girl . busy life , it is a complete different what I expected before “

” Wow congratulations ! What did you expect?”

He said ” look , when you are alone , you do the stuff by your own choice , but when you are two , you need to put other person’s choice count as well . Sometimes disagreement will happen, Are you single? “

“Yes , I am . But I have seen a lot, how God shown me the way , I grown up a large family and I saw how God brought us from down to up , I have seen the miracles and his hands always upon us. “

He said : ” I believe some people are chosen , for example Abraham was chosen , who is willing to sacrifice his son for an unseen God? ” Abraham did it. How? Because he was chosen . And I am feeling I am chosen .”

I said : ” How ?”



He said : ” I have been trying to do right things , not lying , do good to people around me when I was back home , when I came here , I almost lost my faith and I reaped the Bible and I was so angry , and I said  God why did you brought me here , in a foreign country ? Is this your well?”

” Tell me about it ”

“My marriage was falling apart , I went to court , I hit my wife , I was so angry and bitterness got me all. My wife took my 2 kids to her mums’ house . Days past , one day I was alone at home. My relative to come and visit me . There was a 9 years girl told me ‘ Jesus loves you ‘ when she said those words I do not know what happened but I felt all bitterness and bad things was wiped from my heart and even I forgot what I did to my life and wife, straight away I called my wife and I said to her I am changed and I love Jesus because he changed me , My wife was believer and she was praying for me. But believe me when I said , she backed to home with two kids even we did not remind ourselves what happen , we started a new beginning. Even we went to court and my wife said , he changed and I am willing to stay with Him and I love him more than before , How my friend? Jesus changed me life through a 9 years old girl , He changed my life forever, I love my back home country , but God chosen me be here at this time because he has a plan in my life ,even I can not see it now , even may I can not taste it. Life has sweet and bitter things but our relationship is good now , we have a baby girl now ”

I said : ” I believe you are chosen , and God brought here for a reason! “

He said : ” Go ahead , if you are ready to share your life with someone , do it! But before that throw your life in the hands of God. “

” Yes , I believe I am chosen by Him , By His Grace , even he stopped me several times for disobeying His commands , This is not my ability , when I was 13 years old I spoke in God’s language, I got water baptise when I was 21. I love God and people , even I made mistake but He never left my side. I believe in protecting-angel for God’s people? Do you?  

                                                                                                                                               He said  : ” Yes , I do”

“And I think and believe it in my heart. God is looking after you and your family , Just look ahead “

He said : ” You’ll find your heart desire when you are pursuing God’s will “

” Thanks mate “

He said ” Oh my kids , I think is the time to go back “

” Lets go “

Our Father in heaven how good you are when we look to you Jesus even, we hear your name from another person will change our life radically forever. Not for that we are waiting for your return Jesus , Here all good things for us , it is not the end of story , Having a good family is good but it is not the end , Having a good faith is good but it is not end… Only in you and in you we are in rest. You said I am going to prepare a place for you , we are waiting patiently for your coming even it hurts the waiting time, we testimony your name to everyone. Because you are God our Yahweh, Our Jesus who died for us on the cross and His love is unlimited forever. Thank you that you are with us. I am pursing your love every moment even with all my failures you wash me with the blood of your Son.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh





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