Faith and Love

They say , you can not do it, but God says you can and you are able to do it. Because you have a God which he can do impossible in your Life. God does not complex the things and make it better, He creates new things out of nothing! He uses a very simple formula. Your Faith, my faith and their faith. People do not believe in simple things that is why here and there make it hard for them to believe in miracle! That is why the wisdom of men is off to reach there!

You need recovery? believe it and receive it. You need a breakthrough? keep believing till you get the answer. You need healing? believe He can do it for you; according to his Will. Indeed today I am writing for you , is a miracle! I draw faith like a plant , that need water and root. We all need water and root to be grown. Have you ever been in desert before? I have been there for a short period of time – The most important thing is Water – not salty water ! a sweet water to be drinkable! God is faithful if we stay on God’s line , He will do what he promises . I know , sometimes I have been off the track , But I have always tried to get back in track. The message of redemption is not for couple of unique people but rather for everyone out there. You know what? It is the matter of Choice.


I am an ordinary man , with an extortionary dream. It is nothing wrong with you to have a dream higher than your situation that is where makes your life much excitement. Where you can challenge yourself in a healthy way. He knows everything we do , He knows our comings and goings, He knows what you eat for breakfast and knows what will happen to your tomorrows! But , He gave us free will to choose , He does not push us to, rather with love and grace call us! The word of ” Faith ” standing out a lot these days for me, every verse I read pointing me to it, every word I am hearing reminding to it , every sermon I am listening pointing to it and every music I am discovering , showing a new way of it. If you ask the greatest artist in the word what is important in your life – They will say it is Faith. Faith to what you do and what you believe! I am asking you my dear friend. What you believe in it. Let your past go , grab the future. Do not overthink , Trust God and live a life of excitement.

If someone broke you heart , Love is the way to forgive them! If someone hurt you , Love is the way to forgive them. If your home is cold and do not see any love in it – please please keep going and do not give up in loving each other. Let the Love light your Home and Faith keep it alive. Even without preaching to someone you can touch their heart by Love. A divine love of God change you inside out, it will change others around you. We are not perfect people, but we have someone is perfect , His name is Jesus. Me and you , we are in a journey to live a life of faith and love. This is not a new word , This Love was before the creation of the World. Can you forgive someone ? Can you love someone ? Can you root in it ? Can you..

No doubt..

Let all that you do be done in LOVE. 1 Corinthians 16:14

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh



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