Oh Jesus

I seek you with the whole heart. I walk in your promises boldly. I am not ashamed of walking in Faith. In this young age , I will praise you. I will give thanks to you. Be my God , I’ll be your little child. I follow your footsteps oh Jesus. You are all around me , when  I am down , you are there to lift me up. When I am glad, that is your joy in my inner being. How can I forget your kindness toward me.  Even you did not know me , you gave your life that I can have a full abundant life in you. My soul  rejoices in this. Open my mind and let me discover the wonder of your love. When I told you about my troubles you answered me Jesus. Help me to understand your way. Your presence is heaven to me.  Your marvellous deeds are remarkable in my life.


You make me an overcomer! I am determined to be faithful. I am strong in this. I am thirsty to learn more of you. I am here to obey your words. I promise to obey it with all my heart. I worship you, you only know what is going on in me and around me. I pray to you, because you are a great hearer! Indeed , I could not find anyone like you. You hear my heart’s words and respect them all. You are wonderful. Create a new heart in me. I long for you. I rely on your truth. Your truth set me free. I wait till sun rise. I will pass the valley of the darkness. I know there is a beautiful love of father hugging me kindly. You are telling I got you child, be still. I trust you , even it seems impossible! where are my enemies? They are all disappeared.  My eyes are look up that you guide me by your cloud in the day and you are the one leading my by fire in the night. Holy Spirit touches my soul to remove all hurting. I go to sleep with your lovingkindness and I wake up and praise you. Your love is evidence all around me. I am yours , you are mine.

Oh Jesus. Oh Lord , you are eternal! You word will last as long as the heavens(Psalms 119:89).

Holy Spirit rain over every reader right now. Let their life change in Jesus Name.


Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh




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