Review of Breakthrough Book by Joyce Smith

Joyce took me there.

God’s Miracle amazed my heart.

Breakthrough is a true story which had happened back in January 2015. Joyce never wrote a book. In fact, she is not a writer. She just wrote what had happened to John. Her adopted son, John Smith. Her second husband Brian and herself adopted John , when he was 2 and half months year old.

Joyce herself from the first husband had 2 sons. However , they gave away their first born Child in the hospital. Joyce slowly reveals her story in the mix of John’s struggling in the bed.

The 14 years old , John Smith went to spend times with his (three)friends which after a short time they went into an Ice Cold Lack. John stuck into Ice water for 20 minutes. Apparently he didn’t know how to swim. The neighbours, the parents , the people were passing and all other were witnessing this. The lifeless body of John laid down on ICU of the nearest Hospital.

According what had been said , One Hour John Smith were breathless. His heart stopped , there were no heartbeat to circle the blood in the body. Brain couldn’t get enough oxygen!

In the last minute, where shift Dr were about to pronounce John Smith dead. The real Display of Holy Spirit shown. Heart restarted, blood were circling in His frozen body, other parts of body were functioning under medical equipments well. No one had a single opinion what is going on. God’s presence were in the room by a desperate prayer of a mother , Joyce.

There were no fantasy explanation of God’s presence. Simply room got lighty and God involved and healing poured out. I am 100% God were able to raise up John for the moment and He could walk out hospital healthy and with out even one scratch on his body. But as always , there is a wisdom in All Things God does. Prayer worked , medical staff got back to work and the Mircale flicked already.

One of the best book you can read these days about God’s goodness toward human. This book has been written from a mother’s eyes. A mother whom admitted her mistakes , past and present, saved by grace and Helped by divine power. Reading this book is recommended if you want to be reminded that God hears our prayer, that He is here to heal us not only our body also our Souls.

It seems this event brought some attention of media and newspapers. There has been a movie according to this as well. She cried out to God in the emergency room. She cried out to the Lord for healing. There may be a repetitive words in the first few chapter. But it looks the book has been edited well. 3 or 4 pages of the book, right in the middle of it, the is an album of photos came in with actors and real people.

In a short summary :

1/ the Mystery character is God

2/ John Smith has been raised from dead

2/ God is a God of Healer

3/ challenges are there , never stop praying

4/ Holy Spirit hears and answers

5/ Joyce is a simple mum , but trusting in a bigger God

6/ Believe with God everything is Possible

7/ community of believers helps

In what area of our life we need healing ? Can we trust Him in the storm ?

Reviewed by

Dariush Youkhaneh


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