A Prayer for the week ahead..and after

God , I am young and needy of you. If I fall please lift me up. And let me walk in your presence. Let your love be known to me and wipe all my darkness within me. Let it be a week of victory.

God , I am unwise and inexperience. If I make a decision please shape it and make it yours. Let your knowledge be a life-lesson to my heart. Let it be a week of greatness.

A prayer for the week ahead.. ! And after

God, I am empty without you. Fill me with your love. Let your kindness soften me. Let it be a week of life changing moments.

God , I am blind and short-sighted human. Heal my blindness and let me see the distance. Let your miracles come and be a week of miraclous.

God, I am only a human from dust. Let your divinity come that I will assure I am made like your image. Let your holiness come and be a week of holy.

God , I am only in one place at one time. But you are a space traveller. You are everywhere. Let me know that you know everything and you are everywhere, Let be week of Y-O-U.

God , I need you. Not only for this week ahead but for the week after, after after… and everyday of my life. Let it be yours and only yours.

Much Love

Dariusu Youkhaneh

” Not Yet Married ” book review by Marshall Segal

It was accidently I saw the title of the book in an online book shop. I thought it is not a bad idea specially I am single now. I do not normally pursue to read dating books. I mean Christian dating books ( if there is more). Anyway , I went by myself to bookshop, bought ” not yet married ” book by Marshal Segal with two other books(review will come soon ) too.

I am going to leave an honest review without any foggy things. Before that , I need to tell you that this book is for Christian singles , but you can read it if your a non-believer but I think after reading two pages you are not going to continue with it. Marshal is a young guy who has not himself is not a single guy any more. He was. Some people are sensitive about this , how come a married guy telling me what is look like a single life? But it is not about that. He talks about his past life. He was not a virgin before finding the right one and he confessed a few last chapter of the book. His current wife name is Faye . Marshal does not talk about her much , but it seemed he received the forgiveness from her right 15 months of their friendship , right before getting married. Faye forgave her. Marshal does not talk about her past sexual life that much. He said I broke the promise and I was living in sin. The two main things he leaves us as he experiences is first seek clarity before intimacy. The main character of the bible he uses a lot is our apostle Paul. There is nothing any specific or different you can find in the book. There is a lot of bible verses which surprisingly repeated chapter after chapter.



Obviously. The book is not professional written- and do not expect to be a book like Tim Keller. And with all respect and love I can say this book is not recommended for the single above 25. It looks like is not mature enough about a relationship explanation. Instead , this book is a confession, advice and a past experience which is really good for those age between 19 to 24 age. Simple written – He beautifully talks about first pursue the love of God before anything else> I admire Marshal how bravely ( shortly ) talked about her past experience. But in my understanding  there is a narrow line between definition of ” not yet married ” and ” singleness “. It seems Marshal invite you to have more dating but some boundaries are advised to be there , like clarity before intimacy. If the girl( or boy) is not your style do not pursue anymore. There are a few great phrases in the book which I loved it. Some advises are really useful as I can say as a single guy – there are good like hang out with married people. ” not yet married ” book is complete Christian book – the book not going to tell you who you choose or who is good for you but purely took the advise from the Bible and interprets it into our everyday language. There are obviously a few great points missing or not emphasising on them. Like Love yourself before loving others. Know who you are – there are no ( or less) talks about identity in Christ. Which I think most single guys are struggling in 21 century. As I said this book written according to his experience not a comprehensive research about single guys in church.

If you read this book , tell me what do you think about it? leave the comment in below.

My rate for this book is 3.4 / 5.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


Like a soft rain – pouring out in my heart. Like a warm flame in the winter , like a whisper to my soul. Holy Spirit the friend of mine – Who makes me whole. He is the meaning of my life! I am astonished without Him. He is unbelievably beautiful. Such an awesome God. He is like a green forest of peace for me.  He is like a calm deeper than oceans.

He is very sensitive-strong spirit. In the moment you confess Jesus as your saviour – He will come and dwell in you. He is a really good mate. He is every where with you. In the light of the day – and in the day dark of the night!

When I am speechless – He speaks behalf of me. When I am sleep – He awakes me up. When I am lost – He directs me to path.


I am so thankful to this good mate of mine – who was , who is God. When I walk in the darkness – He is my light. When I am heavy with the pain of the world , He is there for me. He is my helper right here.

“The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of unity. He is the bonding element. This bonding is a wonderful effect of faith in Christ. It is creative. It brings about a new kind of oneness not even known in the closest of earthly families.”
― Reinhard Bonnke, Faith: The Link with Gods Power

The Spirit of Truth – The Holy Spirit . I am grateful Lord for the Holy Spirit , For Jesus Christ your son. I am praying for the fire of the Holy Spirit come upon to us. Come and cleanse us and pure our heart and make us new . Let us have joy in you more and more. Touch our hearts – Touch our minds and souls . How good you are? I love you because you are Holy and you do not see the things the way we see. You see us different . Before the creation of the world you loved us.


Oh Holy Spirit…

full me with the fullness of your spirit!

” O Holy Spirit, descend plentifully into my heart. Enlighten the dark corners of this neglected dwelling and scatter there Thy cheerful beams. ” -Saint Augustine

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth. Acts1:8

Me and you , are witnesses of God.

We receive the power of the Holy Spirit. To do what?

1- Do and believe in possible

2-  Personal conviction

3- Miracles

4- Live a life of peace and love

5- Source of Hope and Faith

6- The light and being salt

7- Discern the Spirits

8- Bold and brave in Jesus

9- having a pure and genuine  heart

10- standing for Others

11- Spread the gospel and win souls to Christ

12- being a witness

I am going to trust the Holy Spirit. Because  I need him everyday. He leads me the best way I should go. My mind , my soul and my heart all will be ready to listen to his beautiful voice.



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh





I will not die! BUT LIVE

The resurrection power of Jesus Christ is over us . We do not die , Nah . We are alive in Him forever. There is no death , no darkness , no power here and there can take it away this from us.

We will live forever.

We are healed in Jesus ‘Name . We have everlasting life in Him. We are who called the sons and daughters of light. Who? Where? What is able to separate you from this claim? This is the word of almighty God.

The heaven collide earth to meet my needs. Because the resurrection power of Christ is alive in me.


I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done[Psalm 118:17].

I won’t add to this . I won’t reduce it. I proclaim it. I shout it out. I cry it out because I have victory in my King and I am an overcomer because He overcomes the world.

This is not a lie  that the serpent said to the woman, “You surely will not die! in the book of Genesis. This is a truth from our God.  You are connected to the source of life. A life that will never die. That will never fade. This is powerful. Do you feel the liberating ? This is supernatural power of God over you. You are stamped for His destiny. Do not allow the little things of the ‘seen’ things make it foggy for you. Be courageous! Do not be afraid. God is with you. Be yourself. Grieve is good for your soul but it is not your destiny .

Your destiny is defined in Him.

Hallelujah. The lamb overcome the world. He finished. He gathered all His nations in one place : the Heaven.


Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

If you have been blessed please send it over to your friends and family. Let’s spread the goodness of God.